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VSOP 2.0
Intaglio Simulator
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About us

Goebel was built by its founders and their successors on three main pillars: development of machines for high-security-printing, production of printing machines for various applications and development of slitter rewinders for the converting industry.

The development of highly efficient machines with maximum productivity utilization has always played a decisive role.

Goebel's web-feed-machines are developed for long-term, industrial operation, with Goebel-Engineering being strictly customer-oriented.

Security Printing

Goebel offers so-called all-in-one hybrid printing presses equipped with all the high-security printing technologies for banknotes, tax stamps, security labels, postage stamps and many other security documents.

This guarantees that the security products, which must meet the requirements of the market, are properly fit for purpose.

Packaging Printing

Goebel has many years of experience in the field of packaging offset printing and its installations for major international customers. For example, Goebel developed the latest generation of packaging offset printing technology (VSOP 2.0), which is suitable for flexible packaging as well as for cardboard, paper and other special applications.



Goebel - With 170 years of experience in providing continuous innovations from in-house developments such as the Intaglio Simulator and the High Precision Plate Bender towards developments in cooperation with partners, Goebel stands for innovative printing solutions.


Goebel Capital GmbH
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Print Competence Center
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